The Activism Academy was founded by Bjørn Ihler in April 2020 as an initiative of The Khalifa-Ihler Institute.


The goal is to create a global hub for activists around the world working for a more just world. Activism takes many shapes, at Activism Academy we seek to encompass it all. Whether you are fighting for justice, for human rights, for peace, for liberty, or against climate change we will eventually have resources for you, and greatly appreciate your contributions.






Through the Activism Academy, we seek to not only build a static resource of tools but a living community of engaged changemakers from around the globe. Here you’ll be able to find the latest news from actions and protests around the world, resources for campaigning and advocacy, in-depth analysis, opinions, philosophical articles on ethics and politics to strengthen the backbones of your activism, tips, tricks and tools for staying safe while engaging with rogue governments, terrorists and tyrants, and much, much more.

While we do not believe objectivity can always be achieved we do believe in the pursuit of approaching Platonic ideals, the search for the kernel of objective reality in all things, building on the scientific method as developed over the millennia by the great thinkers on whose shoulders we stand.

While we certainly will fight for free expression we also firmly believe that free expression can only be achieved under certain conditions. Freedom comes with a responsibility to not infringe on the freedoms of others. We celebrate the value of diversity of opinions and worldviews, but will thus not permit behaviors that are intended to limit the ability of our writers to express themselves freely. This shall be a safe place to express dissenting opinions and views, not a place to infringe on, limit, threaten, or harras those who represent the plethora of diverse voices we seek to amplify.


So be kind to each other, explore ideas, debate, and thrive – united we stand stronger in the fight for justice, liberty and the freedom to pursue happiness.

The Activism Academy is fuelled by the passion of volunteers and our costs are currently funded through Patreon. To support the Academy please consider joining our other patrons here!