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Welcome to Activism Academy!

Activism Academy is a project powered by the Khalifa Ihler Institute and a team of its researchers to foster tolerance and fight violent extremism and fascism. Our goal is to provide a platform for activists and changemakers to express themselves and deliver their message to the world. We love to publish news articles and op-eds but also have our very own podcast!

The Khalifa Ihler Institute is a global peace-building organization working to support inclusive communities and to create spaces of cooperation, exchange and dialogue. Our key focus rests in the prevention of violence and the celebration of diversity as an integral aspect of thriving communities. Taking a holistic approach, we promote peace and inclusivity in fragile areas, in local communities, and in countries seen to be “at peace”. 

In a world that is seeing a rise in authoritarianism and a pandemic that is shrinking spaces of expression and protest even further, it is important to be aware of the power that lies within the digital realm. We view this as a significant part of our  operations in order to combat misinformation, racism, discrimination, and radicalization. Our work includes advancing digital literacy in partnership with the World Economic Forum, through the DavosLab; in countering and preventing terrorist misuse of digital platforms working with the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT) and its member companies, (including Facebook, Twitter, Google and Microsoft); and our advocacy and capacity building efforts in partnerships with the UN, EU, OSCE and others. 

Human rights activists are more and more connected to the internet, especially during a pandemic. The Khalifa Ihler Institute is thus shifting one of its focuses on the Activism Academy, a blog-style website dedicated to activism, international relations, human rights and politics. This space is made by activists for activits. If you would like to contribute an article or have a podcast suggestion, please send us a message here.